Friday, April 20, 2012

Euro hit 2-week highs against the dollar 4/20 - Forex Insight

NEWS HEADLINES Apr 20th reuters - The euro got a boost after a Group of 20 official said the G20 would pledge to increase the International Monetary Fund's resources by more than $400 billion to fight the European debt crisis.

 Spanish 10-year government bond yields, however, topped 6 percent for a third time this week, which could keep the euro constrained within the $1.30-$1.32 range.

There's a lot of talk about the IMF and the G20 and the possibility it will get increased. Most analysts, however, expect the euro to remain range bound ahead of Sunday's first round of the French vote, but financial markets were nervous the policies espoused by the expected eventual winner, Socialist Francois Hollande, could be detrimental to the economy. full article at reuters -- click to view

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