Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FX Insight views on the Eur/Jpy


 What we are expecting in this pair is a move to test the trend on this Daily chart from low of Jan 16 2012 to June 1 2012. Trade leaders are looking for a some great scalp opportunities in this area of 95.15. The over plan is to catch the Eur/Jpy as we forecast the Eur/Jpy bounce higher to 96.40. What we are looking at is a decent bounce on Eur/Jpy toward higher levels as market rumors on the euro will have the currency move on the dollar and the yen. Also even still if the eur/jpy is to follow the eur/usd to the abyss (1.1660) as Spain troubles plus 10yr yields on Italy we still need to see one more bounce to (96.40-60) before a another strong fall such as example from April to June of this year.

In conclusion we will not be taking any entries on eur/jpy until she does reach the trend line market. In the event she breaks away here to lower levels we will just work the retracement after the fall. Play is safe as always in the Forex Insight Group.
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